Sunday, June 2, 2013

get a move on

i have 2 types of children.
stallers and non-stallers.
will is not a staller.
maggie and sam are stallers,
big time stallers.
sam a bit more than maggie,
but he has been alive longer and had more practice.
she gives him a run though.
it makes me crazy.
sam will decide to organize something before he gets out the door or gets in bed.
(anyone know where that comes from???)
maggie gets engrossed in a book just before bed or has 213 tricks to show you before she gets out of the car.
bless will.
he may NEVER know where his shoes are,
but he gets in the car the 1st time you tell him, and he doesnt stop before he gets there.
he even gets ready for bed,
start to finish in about 6 minutes.
if sam & maggie would follow suit i might actually get more than 45 minutes to myself at night.
it wears me out just thinking about bedtime tomorrow with those 2!

1 comment:

katwalk said...

Sam must be like his Uncle Jeff..the 'Orginizer' if he starts to make size tags for his hangers or color code his clothes. I have even seen Coral do it :) maybe he got it from you.

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