Tuesday, June 5, 2012

i could get used to this

the view out the front of our cabin

i'm a dreamer.
a big time dreamer about certain things,
like where to live and how i want my family life to be.
that dream always lands us somewhere in the woods, with space, and a river.
we spend our days unplugged and in it.
i'm never giving up the dream,
especially when i get a taste of it on almost every trip we take.
who couldn't get used to this view?
sitting on the wooden porch swing of your little cabin,
with the river rushing 10 feet away,
the breeze blowing just enough to sway your swing,
and children at the river,
attempting to catch fish with a net they were so desperate for they bought with their own travel money,
and baby girls climbing fences and creating make believe at every turn,
and a dad just being the dad,
keeping everyone safe,
right here in the perfect dream spot.
oh, and then sitting out on that same porch swing with all your children sleeping soundly just on the other side of the wall,
just watching and listening.
watching the full moon burst over the mountain right in front of you
and listening to the river rush away.
i'm not giving up on the dream.
perhaps i should just start looking for property.
better yet, get going on more trips until we stumble upon the perfect spot.

1 comment:

Morgan said...

I'm a dreamer too, and I'm not giving up on mine either. So many people claim that dreams don't come true, but I get a feeling that that only happens when you give up on them too soon.

I cannot thank you enough for the comment that you left on my blog. Lately, I've been so tempted to make my blog private. It's out of fear. Sometimes I feel too exposed, too vulnerable, because of some of things that I post on my blog. But then I get this feeling that I need to allow my thoughts to be seen, this feeling that there's someone out there who needs to see them. You easily could have read that, and been touched by it, and never have said a word. I'm so grateful that you said something. I think I needed your comment as much as you needed that post. I agree, it is funny how that always seems to happen.

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